Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ok I'm beginning to see a Pattern here!!!!

Ha! Here I go AGAIN! Talking about how GREAT the RKC is!!! I just love what we do! How lucky am I??? It is not luck, I am just very grateful for the opportunities I've been given. Many people to thank for that, one in particular.... Anyway.....

Check out the latest videos from the RKC Level I certification April 2009 where I instructed. Awesome group of attendees and instructors! It'll make you want to get your certification!!!!

Watch Can you bring it? Trench-talk by RKC Kettlebell candidates, on YouTube at:
Watch Best Kettlebell instructors, RKC Certification, April 2009, on YouTube
Or watch both these videos on Dragon Door at:

RKC Kettlebell Training is the BEST!!!!!! Woohoo! Betsy