Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kettlebell Workshop in Virginia Beach

I will be giving another Introductory Kettlebell Workshop in Virginia Beach, VA, on Saturday, July 25.

This two-hour workshop will cover basic kettlebell exercises. My workshop will show you how to use your body safely, effectively and efficiently. You’ll be amazed at what this universal tool, the Russian Kettlebell, can do with your body both in strength training, core conditioning and cardio without any impact to your joints!

Kettlebells will give you a metabolism boosting workout in less than an hour three times a week with some amazing results!

Come experience it for yourself! For more information or to register, please click here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get Ups At 10,000 Feet!!!!!

Below is an email I received from one of our very own members at RRF, Duncan
(his wife, Lucia also trains with us as well :-)). He has been doing kettlebell training with us for over a year now, I believe. Look at his amazing pictures and his words about training with kbs.... Awesome story and real life experience! I truly believe kb training improves your quality of life in MANY ways! Check it out!!! Ps Duncan is even wearing his Rapid Results Fitness T-shirt while skydiving! Duncan just took it to the next level! WOW!!!

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Betsy and Kevin,

I just wanted you to know that kettle bell lifting and everything you teach at Rapid Results comes in handy in unexpected ways! Last weekend (as I was telling Kevin on Monday), I went on my very first skydive (bet you haven't done that before, have you Betsy? I dare ya...!).

You can download a few pictures by clicking on the link (I'm still waiting for the video to arrive!).

Okay, although I really WASN'T doing Get-Ups way up in the sky, I definitely feel that the core strength and mobility work that you have us do each week has made me feel more confident, more self-assured, and more at ease, even jumping out of a plane! The experience was both nerve-wrecking and awesome at the same time--an unlikely combination of peak emotions, but I'm glad I did it (or maybe I should say, got it out of the way...).

I definitely feel that your work has helped make me feel better, functionally stronger, and more capable in day-to-day situations, which has really improved my quality of life. So I just wanted to say thanks to you both for all that you do each week! You're the best!


Images from Workshop at Albemarle Pliates & Yoga

We had a great turnout at Albemarle Pilates & Yoga on July 12. What a wonderful bunch (16) of folks! They took to kettlebell training like fish to water! I was impressed with how well they picked up the movements. We also got to do a little training outside, always a good thing! We learned the turkish get-up outside on Cindy's swank outdoor yoga/pilates area. It was hot, but most everyone accomplished a get-up with a shoe balanced on their fists. Great class! Thanks to all who attended! You made what I do most rewarding! I am grateful for the opportunity to share what I love! Teaching individuals how to use their body safely and implementing training with the kettlebell!!!