Friday, May 27, 2011

Pullups Can you do them correctly and what does Correct Form look like anyway?

Well, I have definitely been off the grid of this blog for entirely too long! I am back now and hopefully will blog quite alot more often.
Recently, I had been asked to video my pullups in hopes of helping a fellow RKC as she prepares for the RKC Level II certification.
There is a lot of bad form out there when it comes to pullups. Understandably so, it is probably the hardest exercise to accomplish. Most people cannot do pullups, at least not correctly.
Let me explain. Most people attempt to pull up over the bar using their biceps,elbows, and shoulders. Creating all kinds of wasted movement through the torso, legs, etc. Alignment completely out of whack and no high tension contraction throughout the body... When and if they do get themselves over the bar they end up with racked shoulders, biceps, and elbows....and no successful rep range to their pullups.

The pullup is difficult because most people haven't mastered the ability to link their shoulder to their lats. And in order to pull from the lat(which the CORRECT way to do a pullup) they must be able to pack their shoulders into their lats. This is only part of the equation in a pullup. The other huge component that most people miss is the ability to contract and create high body tension throughout the body specifically the torso (or trunk).

But one mustn't give up. There is hope! And through consistent effort a pullup done correctly can be accomplished. For many of my clients it starts with planks, pushups and dead hangs from the bar. These three movement patterns help the individual learn high body tension while initiating shoulder stability and lat control. All necessary for doing pullups and chin ups. BTW, some people don't know which is which. Learn the difference before you practice....

Above are links to the videos I posted to Facebook not too long ago in order to help a fellow RKC instructor. My hope is that it will help you too. Take a look and let me know if you have questions. You can email me or comment here.