Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting Tired Or Getting Better?

I know it has been way overdue since I posted last. Not sure if anyone is even checking in lately. But this is an email I sent out to my members at Rapid Results Fitness that I felt might be helpful to others! Let me know what your thoughts after reading it!

If you have been coming to class consistently lately you have heard
and felt class variations and concepts on smart training. I.e.
shorter workouts with focus on parameters and how to train smarter!
If you haven't been coming to class then you probably have no
idea what I am referring to.
I have consistently said that your training whether it be weekly,
monthly, or yearly should reflect an RPE(Rate of Perceived
Exertion) of 7 or 8 at the most with some variations of that
training reaching a 9 or possibly 10 rarely in order to see
consistent and maintainable results. I have lived this way in my
training for YEARS! And this is why I stay injury free and maintain
my set body composition (along with a balanced
diet most of the time).
Now unfortunately, if you haven't been to a class in ahwile and
you came to yesterday's class then you just particiapted in
probably a RPE class of 9 or 10. For those of us that were there
this was a HARD class! Because we were working strength by using
volume as the means to build strength. PS I am sore today!
Below is another fitness professional's take on the way your
training should look and feel(or "not feel" as the case
may be).
Please read this because too many in our "health
conscious" world are not paying attention to this and
repeatedly getting injuried and doing more harm than good!
I say once again if you will focus on performing the rep or
movement/s with high quality technique(and using the appropriate
weight based on your technique and ability to move) you will see
Patience, diligence, self control, self discipline, committment,
body awareness, and consistency will lead to positive long lasting
results that will take your health to new heights. Isn't that
why we are training to begin with??? For high quality life?
Shoot me an email and let me know what you think. Let me commend
those that are reaching your goals. Indivdually you have approached
me and shared your good news of fat loss,inches lost, increased
improved resiliency or pain free movement! These are awesome
results and the
good news is it will continue with smart training! Keep up the good
work! IF you are not yet seeing these results, it may be just a
matter of time. Otherwise, shoot me an email.
Let's talk about it and make some changes for the good!
See you in class!
And make each rep in your life high quality!
Rapid Results Fitness. In. Out. Fit.
Boulevard Plaza