Monday, December 7, 2009

The BEST.....

is yet to come...
things in life are free..
way to predict your future is to create it...
We have all heard these phrases before....
But this one is new to me and boy do I like the way it sounds!!!
The Best of City Search in Durham, NC!
Yep We, Rapid Results Fitness, were named best of CitySearch in 2009! Yippeee!!! We won for Best Gym, Best Workout, Best Personal Trainer, Best Weight Loss Program!

We are thrilled to be recognized for our continued committment to showing folks a better, proven way to efficiently blast fat loss, gain lean muscle mass,and build awesome core conditioning with no harmful impact to your joints.

We will strive to improve our program into the year 2010 and beyond. If you have never tried Rapid Results Fitness or our specialty kettlebell training, then you are missing out! Don't wait! Look us up on the internet or stop by to get started in a program that will make you stronger, leaner, healthier, and with more energy than ever before.

There is a new you just waiting to emerge! Don't take your health for granted!

Thanks to all who believe in us and what we do and your continued support as clients and members of RRF.
All the best!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the Move!!!!

Check the blog from the editor at Durham MAg for the scoop on Rapid Results Fitness! Woohoo1 So excited about 2010!!! Betsy