Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time Flies when you are having FUN.....

And even when you are not! But I say this in a positive light. This month I am keenly aware of what month and year it is and how time flies! For me, kettlebell training began a little over two years ago. It was June 2, 2007(should have written this blog entry on June 2 2009). I was introduced to kettlebells then and have been hooked ever since! I am eternally grateful to my trainer, friend, and former business partner for my gains in learning the delicate intricacies of kettlebell training. From the moment my hands touched the kettlebell I knew I had found what I was looking for. I have been in fitness for many years (if I tell the exact number it will really make me sound OLD!!!!!)

But for me, movement began at an early age, 3 to be exact. I started formal dance training then and kept up with it through adulthood, in every way possible considering what life responsibilites as a single professional, married couple, and married with children lifestyle would allow. I began teaching all sorts of group fitness. Everything you could imagine that hit the scene. I enjoyed it all, really! Teaching people how to move, how to learn body awareness,the motivation of the people, the music, the energy, the challenge of finding motivation, of creating it, of changing lives...for the better hopefully.

But then I got upset with the broken fitness model... You know the one... Where the gym is packed with every sort of machine, every sort, of weight, every sort of elliptical, and treadmill. And most who are there are tryin their best or maybe not, just checking the box. Who is helping them? Are they in need of rehab for an injury? Has anyone shown them proper form? With anything they are attempting? I saw this repeatedly, with folks coming and going and leaving with the same results. Poor or even hurtful results. Results that never met their expectations.

I knew I couldn't stay in that environment. I wanted to make a positive impact on a larger scale than just making someone feel good in a one hour class. Sure, I had a great following for many years at many gyms. But I felt I hadn't shown them enough. The right stuff. Like how to use your whole body safely, effectively, efficiently. That' s when I found kettlebells. As an RKC Level II Instructor, I am intent on teaching in that manner. You see that is the way the RKC instructs their instructors. Methodolgies that teach you true mechanics of the body and how to train yor body safely and meticulously for amazing results.

For me I'm living the dream! It's hard at times, 'cuz I'm constantly holding myself accountable. Especially if things go wrong or don't meet my expectations. But I am
holding steadfast to the thought pattern that doing what you love, following your passion,using God given talents (if you are fortunate enough to realize what they are) will be rewarding tenfold for you and those you come in contact with. What's the hardest part? Behavior modification.... We all have patterns from time to time that need remapping, refocus, redirection... After all we all are creatures... of habit...
Looking forward to many more years of training with kettlebells and hopefully making a positive difference in people's lives one person at a time. Celebrate the little things!
PS I left out a big thank you to my friend who really was instrumental in putting me "in touch" with kettlebells all along! Thanks girlfriend for realizing my passion before I did!

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