Thursday, March 4, 2010

I don't blame you....

For not bothering to read my blog anymore. Geez, It has been over a month since I have written anything. I have been directed, redirected, pushed forward,stepped back, fallen down, jumped up high, spun circles around,and nearly collapsed with all of life's many blessings! And here it is March already!!!! I have just come back from assisting at the RKC Level II certification ( the gold standard in kettlebell training instruction) in San Jose, CA! I am renewed and ready to hit the ground running!!!!!

In the past, I have written more about feelings and emotions of training with intermitten thoughts on training, and health. But these next few blogs I'd like to talk about kettlebells and how you can get the most out of them... If any of you are reading this and would like to know more about training with kbs and have specific training questions to meet your goals,please leave a question in the comments section.

Over the next few days Iwill be checking the blog and then hope to begin posting my own training progress on a daily basis. Stay tuned....


Tina said...

How would you recommend a person who is overweight and out of shape and hasn't exercised consistently build a foundation in kettlebells?

Rapid Results Fitness - Betsy Collie said...

I would recommend that you start gradually with light weight or in some cases no weight depending on the kb exercise and your body's mobility, and strength in relation to the movement you are performing. Kettlebell training is based on technique and is not based on how much you lift or for how many reps even. The truth is the premise behind this kind of training is about teaching your body how to move safely with or without the kettlebell. It is a total body workout that utilizes every body part simultaneously with no harmful impact to your joints.
So regardless of your lack of previous fitness training or out of shape state currently this kind of training is actually just right for you. Why? Because the kettlebell allows you to fix literally any problem you may have, especially if you apply what we teach at the RKC to your kettlebell training and exercise program.

The kettlebell teaches you how to use the right parts for the right movements without overuse. After learning how to use the kettlebell to move again, you will begin to see all kinds of awesome changes within the body... Body fat will drop off rapidly, you will develop stong abs, back, and legs. Muscle tone will show up in all the right places. For women, this does not mean bulking up, actually the opposite. You will become lean and functionally strong for everyday real life, injury free if you make techniqe your focus each time with the bell.
First and formost, make sure you have your physicians consent before performing any exercise and just as important make sure you learn from an RKC certified kettlebell instructor like myself. For RKC instructors in your area, go to for a complete list.
I hopethis helps and feel free to contact me again or visit my website at to learn more.