Tuesday, December 14, 2010

High Tension during the holidays??

well, yes! But the good kind! Here is what I did today:
Bottoms Up Cleans 3+3 3x with 16kg L/R
Bottoms Up Presses (1,2,3) 3x L/R
Bottoms Up Clean and Presses dbls (1,2,3)3x
Bottoms Up Squats using 12kg (1,2,3)3x
then Bottoms Up Squats (1,1) using 16kg and 20 kg(weak coming up, not pretty) 3-4x
The training felt solid and I loved the way my body felt afterwards...

I hope this season finds you feeling love, happiness and a renewed spirit and a brigther outlook on our future in 2011. In training as well as life I try to stay focused on how it feels.... is my head in the right place, my heart in the right place, my actions in the right place. When I run through the checklist I usually have a good outcome. So it is in life!!!!

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