Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am Living on the EDGE!!!!

As I realize I have not been blogging lately I feel the need to catch you up to speed on what I have been up to lately...

First off, the Va. Beach kettlebell workshop was awesome!!! We had a great turnout and the participants were very eager and showed great form as they swung the bell and "got down" with their bell during the get up!!!

Since the workshop, things at Rapid Results Fitness just keep getting better and better. Let me tell you why: I have to say for starters, I think I have the best members and clients ever, really! Why? Because if they are not giving their best in effort in class they are giving positive reinforcement to their neighbors in class. Moreover they just seem to get it... They realize the mind and body connection. At Rapid Results Fitness the workout environment is just plain fun!!! The camaraderie is fantastic!

Here is the best part lately, my clients are talking!!!! "What do you mean", you ask? They are seeing results and best of all they are sharing their experience with others!!! YEA!!!!!! It just makes me so happy to hear them one by one share tidbits of improvement, aahah moments, and real life achievements. I couldn't be more proud of each of them.

They have shared experiences and revelations that they each exclaim was a direct correlation to kettlebell training with Rapid Results Fitness. When I hear these words, it makes me thankful for every moment of what I do as an instructor.

So to them, I am grateful. The members motivate me as much as I may motivate them. We are in this together!!!! And to all my buds at RRF, "LIVE IN THE REP YOU'RE IN"!!!!! :-)

Oh, PS The Title " Living on the EDGE" is what I am doing lately too.... Experiencing, Discovering God Everywhere!

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