Wednesday, November 4, 2009

At Long Last! So excited I......

don't know where to begin! I guess I should start with the fact that my good buddy, Tim Anderson, RKC Level II, Battling Ropes Level II coach, and Z Health trainer of many levels has teamed up with me to produce a kettlebell workout DVD and we finally completed it! We started back in July/August with the vision of making a DVD for those kettlebell enthusiasts who train at home, but can't find the time to train and/or don't know how to design an effective, motivating, time - efficient workout that will blast fat and build lean muscle!
We came up with what I think is an awesome workout DVD that leads you through a warm up, and three dynamic workouts focusing on strength, cardio and a combination of the two. There is a tips and troublshooting segment to get the most out of your technique, along with a manual in pdf form to insure you get it right! Oh, also there are some really funny bloopers at the end as well! :-) Click on the banner on the right side of my blog for me details and order your copy today! Don't Delay! I am certain you will be glad you did!

PS Thanks Tim for taking a chance and believing in me. You are incredible and I learned alot from you!

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