Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sun never looked SO GOOD!!!!!

Ok, so I am sounding like a bit of a complainer... the rain, it was just too much! ( yes I know we needed it, the lake levels are up and my grass looks great!)But ahhh today! Awesome!!!! I spent almost the entire day outside! Even as I write this, I am still outside!

I am truly amazed at the outside world, nature in all it's beauty! Everything seems to have a purpose and an order....A structure, if you will...
You know what I realized too? We don't look up enough. Seriously, check your vision to see what I mean. When you walk, when you workout, when you are at the computer, how often are you looking down or barely straight ahead?

I think my Z Health colleagues will know what I am talking about. The effects of vision on our well being and how eye positon can make a difference in our performance and everyday functional movement. But today I guess I'm thinking more in terms of how good it feel to really take your eyes up and see the world above the horizon. Take a look...and be thankful....

So today, I trained outside on our new deck! Wow! No more splinters in my feet!! My training went well! It looked like this:
TGU 16 kg 4/4 x3
Overhead Lockout 24kg 10sec/10sec x3
Pistols 18lbs 5sec/5sec x3
Pull ups Lock off at top 5sec x6
H2H swings 24kg 12/12 x5

Very little rest throughout the workout
Overall RPE= 7.0

Today leaves me feeling energized and ready for the new week! Must be the extra boost of vitamin D I got today!!!

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