Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrating Moms who train with Kettlebells

The RKC and Dragondoor have come up with an ingenius media online called I love it because they are bringing up to the minute news in the RKC world about kettlebell training and the like. IF the masses want to know where the gold standard is in kettlebell training, it is none other than RKC Dragon Door.

This weeks episode they are running a contest on Moms who train with Kettlebells. I am one of the contestants. I have three boys ages, 6,11, and 13. They use kbs too. I would love your vote for me as favorite Kettlebell Mom. To vote for me click here: then click on contests and vote for me under my name, Betsy Collie. Thanks for your vote! Make it a GREAT day!

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