Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Leaving...

But I'll be back soon. I'm traveling to France with the whole extended family to relive WWII through my father in laws' eyes.... A very cool experience it will be. Emotional I am sure... unforgetttable too...He was stationed there in a fox hole for months in the snow... something some of us could never imagine. I am thinking this trip will be more meaningful than we know. Hope it makes as much an impact on our kids as it does on me and my husband, Charles. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I will be gone from April 30-May 10. Kevin,Naina, and Bonnie will be holding down the fort. I will miss you and our workouts. I am planning on taking a bell of course, but with a twist. On Kev's( he is so smart) suggestion, I am taking the 12kg to see just what I can do with soley that. I am thinking already Pistols, Bottoms up clean and presses, Bottoms up Getups, multiple high rep snatches (think 100 rep snatch test 5 mintues), bottoms up floor presses.... of course I'll throw in some burpees for good measure.
Take life one moment at a time and make the BEST of it! Love an honor your body and those around you. Take nothing for granted. Be Thankful. yes, even if there are getups or lunges on the board.
I will see you all on Tuesday, May 11. Until then keep focusing on your own quality of life. Then pay it forward.
All the best,
Ps I'm really gonna miss you!

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