Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RKC Certification is BAR NONE!!!!!

Yep! I am stoked....AGAIN!!!! I absolutely love what I do! What do I do you ask? Well some who read this know, others do not. I am an RKC(Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Level II Kettlebell Instructor. And I am PROUD of it! "Why?", you ask. Because there is no other certification as powerful and complete about teaching you how to use your body. No other.... Yes that's right no other... Yes, we use the kettlebell and that's a smart choice because it is the most universal tool in fitness. But our certification, our methodologies are much more than just how to use the kettlebell safely for awesome results. Oh it is way more, we teach you how to use your body, every bit of it, safely,effectively, without injury. I know of no other program that does this with this level of detail and expertise.

If you wanna get strong RKC kettlebell training will give you that. If yo wanna get lean and drop body fat, RKC kettlebell training will give you that. If you wanna know how to use your total body, RKC kettlebell training will give you that....IF you wanna do it injury free, RKC kettlebell training will give you that!

I just got back from Minneapolis where I was an assistant instructor teaching 70 men and women how to use their bodies with a kettlebell for one jammed packed weekend! It was awesome! Energy is high at these certs. and everyone gets focused and empowered about why they are there. It is one huge feel good all the way around.

If you are looking to learn kettelbell training or go to a cert to become and instructor in kettlebell training then the RKC cert is the place for you. Look no further, there is no substitution for the best. Learn from the best, Pavel Tsatsouline, the Master and Seniors Instructors and all the other RKC instructors will teach you with utmost technique.

Hope this sparks you to think about fitness in general and what you are currently doing. Whatever it is I hope you are doing it safely, and using your body the way it was designed to be used. All the best!


Brett Cornwright said...

Looking forward to meeting you! And learning from you! :)

Brett Cornwright

Rapid Results Fitness - Betsy Collie said...

Brett, I've got it on the calendar! Can't wait! Betsy

deniz do─čan said...

TGA (turkish girya-kettlebell academy)