Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get Ups At 10,000 Feet!!!!!

Below is an email I received from one of our very own members at RRF, Duncan
(his wife, Lucia also trains with us as well :-)). He has been doing kettlebell training with us for over a year now, I believe. Look at his amazing pictures and his words about training with kbs.... Awesome story and real life experience! I truly believe kb training improves your quality of life in MANY ways! Check it out!!! Ps Duncan is even wearing his Rapid Results Fitness T-shirt while skydiving! Duncan just took it to the next level! WOW!!!

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Betsy and Kevin,

I just wanted you to know that kettle bell lifting and everything you teach at Rapid Results comes in handy in unexpected ways! Last weekend (as I was telling Kevin on Monday), I went on my very first skydive (bet you haven't done that before, have you Betsy? I dare ya...!).

You can download a few pictures by clicking on the link (I'm still waiting for the video to arrive!).

Okay, although I really WASN'T doing Get-Ups way up in the sky, I definitely feel that the core strength and mobility work that you have us do each week has made me feel more confident, more self-assured, and more at ease, even jumping out of a plane! The experience was both nerve-wrecking and awesome at the same time--an unlikely combination of peak emotions, but I'm glad I did it (or maybe I should say, got it out of the way...).

I definitely feel that your work has helped make me feel better, functionally stronger, and more capable in day-to-day situations, which has really improved my quality of life. So I just wanted to say thanks to you both for all that you do each week! You're the best!


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