Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Without the Other, I Hope Not!

Something has been bugging me this week... In a good way! Ok let me rephrase that. As I think back to the week's training-- my clients' and members' training as well as my own, two words rang loud and clear to me literally all week (yes I know it's just Thursday night). Those two words are MIND, BODY...Think about this for a moment....

Let me explain what I'm thinking. It has been said (I preach it daily) that in kettlebell training your mind and body work together to produce the overall outcome of the muscle contraction,quality and technique. Here's the thought that has been "bugging" me: Why did we ever think that physical exercise was EVER mindless???? Seriously think about that!

I come from a dance background so I "get it", the mind part....
You have to use your mind in conjunction with your body to get it to perform, look and feel "right" in dance. I would visualize the movment and choreography before I actually performed the sequence or movement. When doing this the results were far better than if I just "winged it".
This mindful movement, if you will, produces body awareness. If you can gain that sense of body awareness you will be able to FEEL what works correctly and safely for your body. You will truly end up self correcting bad movements. This can carry over to everyday life.

You wil not only begin to improve your technique but you will begin to really focus on what your body is feeling when you perform the movement. For example, what muscles are contracting, what body parts are being taxed, what body parts may feel discomfort,etc. When you begin to really pay attention to your own body and what it is doing you will then begin to see the carry over effects of better quality of the exercise, desired results of the exercise will increase, and you will end up with alot less injury in the process because your mind was engaged in everything you did!

I guess this is what I love about the RKC and its philosophy of kettlebell training... Total body, all the time. Mind and Body together. You do not just perform the exercises, you think about the rep you're in and what your body needs to do on each and every rep with the best technique ever. This makes for one power packed, results producing workout, my friends! Some Kettlebellers might not appreciate this comment, but it is meant with the highest regard to both forms of training... Kettlebell training truly is like Formal Dance training. Both require and demand your full attention, MIND and BODY working together! :-)

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