Sunday, March 22, 2009


In your mind I mean...."What am I referring to?" you ask. Your goals for an example. What do you want to achieve? It has been said and proven that if you picture the desired outcome it will happen. So go ahead, picture it in your mind.

For me, it's about lean muscle mass. Gaining it and keeping it, getting to 9% body fat. I'm at 10% now (have been for over a year now with a few 8% and 9% in there for competition days). Another visualization that I have is my ability to get stronger. I literally picture what it looks like for me to do the actual movement, whatever the movement may be. I eluded to this earlier in one of my first blogs when I said I usually visualize the dance choreography before actually performing it. Little did I know how "right on" I was in doing so. Years later and this brain of mine (and body) still responds to this way of training.

I practiced this visual the other day in two scenarios: I was doing the Getup with the 28kg. Before doing it on the left side(my weaker side) I visualized (or imagined if you will) what it would look like doing the whole get up with super duper control with the 28kg. Lo and behold it worked! I did it with the right arm. Sure enough I performed on that side as well. After doing this I thought I would try the clean and press with the 20kg with that whole mind set. I had done it the day before, but without the visualization. So to be honest I was a little intimidated to try it again the next day for fear it wouldn't happen again two days in a row. Not sure if it was the extra Wheaties that day (ok, I don't eat cereal!!!) or what but I was able to knock off three one rep sets left and right with no rest in between. What the heck??!!!!!

Wow! SO all I'm saying is use your "imagination", your positive thinking, your visualization, your brain power to achieve what it is you want to do. IT could be anything.

How about this for a visual? It's springtime right? So I am working on spring cleaning. My house, for starters. My family is tough on our living space. Lots of unnecessary clutter, dirty walls with smudge prints and a few dented sheet rock walls ( I have three boys, I suppose it is only gonna get worse cuz they are just 5, 10, and 12) and they have taken up Lacrosse which isn't so healthy for the walls (sticks and hard rubber balls in the house, not good). I'm thinking how am I going to tackle this cleanup. Where do I start?

When I began to focus on what I wanted it to look like I began to be able to stay focused on the work at hand and yet driving toward the outcome. No it is still not completed yet. But I have made progress. And there is "peace" within me to start again the next day and see it through.

Whatever you want to achieve, don't let your mind go on autopilot. Imagine your goal and let your brain work with your body to make it happen. Get the positive reps in. Guaranteed you'll move closer to your goals.

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